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Probate is a legal document that gives the authority to share the estate of a person who died based on the instruction in the will. It is the legal process where the court system distributes the property, pays the debts, and settles disputes after death. During the probate, the court supervises the processes that transfer the legal property from the estate of a person who died to the beneficiaries. If there is a valid will, the property goes to the name of the beneficiaries. Now, you may need a probate attorney to help you out. Get a trusted and state-licensed lawyer. Unity Legal Services PLLC is the right solution to your problem. Dial (405) 857-8231.

Asset Protection Planning Strategies

Asset Protection is needed by anyone. It is a common misconception to think that only wealthy families and people in a high-risk profession need asset protection. The truth is everyone is at risk of the possibility of losing everything that they work hard for, for example, due to car accidents, medical crises, foreclosure, business failure, and others. That’s why it is essential to have  asset protection planning strategies. It is not only available for solely protecting your assets; it may be a desire to protect assets that will be passed on to your beneficiaries at your death. It’s necessary to plan ahead to protect your assets. For inquires, contact Mona at Unity Legal Services PLLC at (405) 857-8231.

Norman, OK

One of the reasons why I love Norman, OK, is the education. It’s very high quality. For this school year 2021-2022, Normal Public Schools return to learn. In terms of academics, the parents can choose whether they want their children to have in-person learning or traditional learning in PK-12 or a full-time virtual or blended learning option for them through the NPSA ExpandeD. I also like that the extracurricular activities still continue because these are very important for the student's growth and development. But of course, it will continue with the safeguards in place. As a parent, I choose blended learning. It’s the perfect modality for my children.

Court documents reveal new details after decomposing body found inside basement of Norman home

NORMAN, Okla. —A murder investigation is unfolding after police found a decomposing body inside a Norman home. Court documents say that the Norman Police Department received a call in May from a sheriff's office in California about a man saying a body was found inside a basement at a home off Lindsey Street near the University of Oklahoma's campus. The person who called police said a friend was storing some items in the basement, but he had not seen his friend since July 2020.  Read more here...

I watched the video about the murder investigation unfolding after the police found a decomposing body inside the Norman home. It’s good news because the mystery is getting solved. From the documents, the Norman Police Department received a call in May from the sheriff’s office in California about a man saying a body was found inside a basement at home off the Lindsey street near the University of Oklahoma campus. Based on the document from the court, the man’s niece was living in the house and overheard from a friend that a body was in the basement. So, the investigators went to search the home and found the decomposing body behind the basement stairs.

Lake Thunderbird in Norman, OK

The Lake Thunderbird in Norman, OK, is one of the state parks, but it is only one urban state park with 86 miles of shoreline. The lake is somewhat big at 1 874 acres in Oklahoma. There are different water sports to enjoy, perfect hiking and biking trails, eagle watches, camping, etc. The lake can be found within the limits of the city. I like this vast man-made created lake out of the reservoir of Norman, Del City, and the Midwest City. There are various activities and recreation for weary cities and those who crave for outdoors.

Link to maps

Lake Thunderbird State Park

13101 Alameda Dr, Norman, OK 73026, United States

Head southeast on Clear Bay Ave toward OK-9 W

43 ft

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto OK-9 W/E State Hwy 9

14.4 mi

Use any lane to take the I-35 S/OK-9 W ramp to Dallas

0.4 mi

Keep left, follow signs for 28th Ave SW

315 ft

Continue onto 28th Ave SW

0.2 mi

Turn left onto 36th Ave SW

1.3 mi

Turn left

Destination will be on the right

417 ft

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